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Welcome to Utopia of Aman'thul (US-PvE). We are a Singaporean Alliance guild, currently recruiting for Legion.

We raid on weekends Saturdays and Sundays 0800 to 1100 GMT+8.

We welcome exceptional players to join us!

MOTD for Members

Use the launch code from the "Guild Info" tab in the game client to join the guild without any fuss. Ping either Faeline or Sanmaz to fix your forum access if there are issues.

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Second Roadblock Cleared!

by faeline^^, 60 days ago

Good job... it's a tough journey with shitty RNG and unforgiving mechanics but...

Old news first, Desolate Host is down! Good job to all!

Next up, as exclaimed by Fluffers at the end, "FINALLY" Mistress Sassz'ine is down! Almost a month of progress on this fishy smelly Naga~

Let's go as far as we can this tier! \o/

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First Roadblock Cleared!

by faeline^^, 117 days ago

Firstly, good job to everyone!

We've got H KJ down - get that out of the way...

And then YES YES YES! Mythic Sisters of Elune down!

Next up, Desolate Host!

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Updates from the lazy Admin

by faeline^^, 145 days ago

Sorry! I haven't been updating the screenshots! Sorry! image

Long post below!

First up, we have Goroth and his missing trinkets...

Then we have Hartajan and his eggs!

Lastly, we have Demonic Inquisition and his fucking big ass purple pools. image

Good job everyone!!


It's not often that we get to see Rank 1 in WCL in Mythic Difficulties, but here I present you YY, the peerless Paladin (for now)!

Well he did have Blessing of Wisdom and 2x Innervates... so at least we know that we pooled our resources to the right person!

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