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re: App: Stollas


Character Name:

Armory Link:

Main Spec & Off Spec:
Main: aff, demo/destro. I can play all specs and will play whatever is best for each boss.

Briefly, explain your understanding of the usage of your talents.:
I generally just choose whatever talents are best for each specific fight and then utility ones the same way.

If I can't choose between talents for a boss I usually look up what other warlocks have used for the fight on their progression kills on wowprogress.

Professions (w/ Skill Level):
Herbalism/Enchanting both 100/100

Current Guild:
Cold Fury but just casually here with a friend.

Previous Guilds (if any):
A Clash of Kings - Jubei'thos

Reason for leaving current guild:
A Clash of Kings stopped raiding and I decided to take a break from the expansion after that because of burnout.

Previous Raiding Experience:
I have been raiding since wotlk and doing hardcore raiding since cataclysm having cleared almost all content while it was current. I was 8/8H dragon soul on multiple characters, 7/7H firelands, 14/14 mythic siege of org, cleared all mists of pandaria, All of HFC, 7/7 M emerald nightmare and 2/3 ToV at which point I took my break from the  expansion.

What you expect from the guild:
Reasonable raid progression given the time we have. Hopefully like minded people who want to progress as much as possible but still keep low raid hours to not impact real life.

Names of current guild members you know, if any:

Are you comfortable with rotation?:

State the number of raids you would expect to come to per week.:

Melbourne, Australia


Net Connection Speed/Type:
I am on NBN, I rarely have issues with it and when I do I can use 4g phone connection.


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re: App: Stollas


Hi Stollas, I'm sorry for the late reply. I've added you as a friend. Name is Sanmau#1678. Do hit me up when you are free to chat.

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