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re: App: Alysandra63

The application submitted by Alysandra63 is as follows:

Character Name:

Armory Link:

Main Spec & Off Spec:
Frost, Fire/Arcane Off Specs

Briefly, explain your understanding of the usage of your talents.:
Frost talents mainly revolve around increasing single target dps through Lonely Winter, Incanter's Flow and Thermal Void which is what Frost currently excels at. Splitting Ice also provide additional ice lance cleave on fights with more than one target further compliment the spec and Arctic Gale increases the potency of Blizzard AoE. Shimmer and Frigid Winds round out the talents with a bit of extra maneuverability with an additional blink and control with increased slowing speed.

Professions (w/ Skill Level):

Current Guild:

Previous Guilds (if any):
Vanguards, Abandoned, Unbridled

Reason for leaving current guild:
I originally rolled my first character at the start of Vanilla on Khadgar-US as this was the server the game choose for me and at the time there were no Oceanic Servers. At the time I was studying at University and my job allowed me to raid at US raid times. During Warlords of Draenor I secured a new job that was normal business hours and was unable to raid during the day as I previously had and left my guild and also quit the game to focus on my career. I recently returned in Legion and decided it was time to finally transfer to an Oceanic server.

Previous Raiding Experience:
Vanilla: Main tanked on my warrior through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas
Burning Crusade: Switched mains to my mage. Raided a bit of Mount Hyjal, Black Temple and Sunwell but mainly PVPed.
Wrath of the Lich King: Raided constantly throughout on 10 and 25 man
Cataclysm: Raided during first tier and Dragonsoul on 10 man normal and some heroic
Mists of Pandaria: Didn't raid or play much as was focused on school
Warlords of Draenor: Raided during Highmail on heroic and a bit of Mythic

What you expect from the guild:
A friendly guild with some good people and a new place to call home.

Names of current guild members you know, if any:

Are you comfortable with rotation?:

State the number of raids you would expect to come to per week.:

Melbourne, Australia


Net Connection Speed/Type:
TPG 100Mbps NBN Fibre


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re: CLOSED - App: Alysandra63 - by Sanmau


Hey, sorry, we didn't see this app for a long while >_< Please contact me via faeline#1934 and we'll have a quick chat!

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