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re: App: Rixven

The application submitted by Rixven is as follows:

Character Name:

Armory Link:

Main Spec & Off Spec:
Sub. Sin. Outlaw.

Briefly, explain your understanding of the usage of your talents.:
There isn't much variance in talents for Rogues in terms of DPS output. We are basically locked in to the same talents for Assassination and Subtlety.
I do all my own sims based on my gear obviously, but there just isn't much room for movement as a rogue

Professions (w/ Skill Level):
Alch and Herb. Maxed.

Current Guild:
None at the moment. 2 day Weekend guilds are like finding a needle in a haystack.

Previous Guilds (if any):
Endless Fury, Vita Obscura

Reason for leaving current guild:
They only raid one night a week on Sunday which I thought was OK, but its not enough time for me, especially since you never do any farm on one night. Not that I need anything from the early bosses, but getting a prog kill and never going back is hard to take sometimes.

Previous Raiding Experience:
I have raided every expansion since launch, barring BC, which I went all out try hard PVP.
I was in some good guilds a couple expansions previous. I was in Ajantis and Last Attempt in MoP, top 5 guilds at the time.
I am an endgame raider, its why I like the game, I always come prepared on time and ready to pull or sit, depending on the boss.

What you expect from the guild:
A friendly place to raid with some nice bants.
I know you guys aren't looking for a rogue specifically, but without being arrogant or up myself, I am a good raider and rogue player. I rarely make the same mistake twice, especially in a single raid. I take criticism well, and if someone else has noticed my screw up, you can be sure I already have and am going to fix it.
I like playing the best I can and always work to do better. I like the rogue specific jobs of cheesing mechanics.
I know the class and the specs inside out, and before I had to stop weekday raiding because of work I played a lot and did tons of mplus and pugged to a decent rating.

Are you comfortable with rotation?:

State the number of raids you would expect to come to per week.:

Gold Coast


Net Connection Speed/Type:
FTTP NBN. 100/40 and I get 94/34, stable.

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