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re: CLOSED - Application: Hunter - by faeline^^


Character Name: 



Armory Link:


Main Spec & Off Spec: 



Briefly, explain your understanding of the usage of your talents: 

Basically, it seems that the current talents fall into two category,

1.) Alter rotation

2.) Ultilities (Dmg reduction/Escape mechanics etc)


Other than the must have "Core" talent, i believe

Understand the fight(mechanics/positioning), choose the approciate talents for it (esp progression)

Watch video

Run dps simulator 

Test out on training dummy 

and most importantly Dead DPSer = no DPS


Professions (w/ Skill Level): 

Enchanting 670, LW 700 


Current Guild: 

FairyTail(Only alive person in the guild)


Previous Guilds (if any): 

Sanctum(Dec 2011)


Reason for leaving current guild: 

Loking for a raiding guild


Previous Raiding Experience: 

Started from patch 1.2, been through all raids up to Cata pre-deathwing.

i started with Rag40 and ended before H.Rag(Cata)

Mostly on my hunter, with my most hardcore period on my priest(dual heal disc/holy spec) Uldar -> H.ICC -> H.BOT/H.BWD.

So yes, I can play a healing priest as well.


What you expect from the guild: 

Progression in Legion to experience content/boss/mechanics

Having good times with guildies(achievement hunting, etc)

Making friends


Names of current guild members you know, if any: 



Are you comfortable with rotation?: 



State the number of raids you would expect to come to per week.: 








Net Connection Speed/Type: 


Posts from:   
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