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re: App: Yuequin

The application submitted by Yuequin is as follows:

Character Name:

Armory Link:

Main Spec & Off Spec:
Mistweaver / Windwalker

Briefly, explain your understanding of the usage of your talents.:
I usually use Mistwalk in PvE PUGs / PvP for mobility and quick assistance in case of emergency. If the group needs more AoE healing I switch Chi Burst for more than 3+ person heals.

Chi torpedo allows me to move around faster when the group is spread out to apply heals. Combines well with Mistwalk for all around mobility. Tiger's Lust is preferred when the group itself needs mobility.

I like Lifecycles in random PUGs for the extra mana sustain it gives. Spirit of the Crane is for Fistweavers, which complicates the rotation quite a bit so I don't use it for now. I also use Mist Wrap when I don't have mana problems.

Leg Sweep is a good interrupt to deal with casters when needed when assisting the group. The other two are more situational in their use.

Healing Elixir is a good all-around emergency self heal which allows me to focus more on the group in general. I haven't used Diffuse Magic at all yet but can see the application in specific encounters.

Invoke Chi-Ji is a good healing supplement available every 3 minutes. Helps to deal longer encounters in groups by saving mana and provide HPS support.

Finally I use Focused Thunder as it provides good boosts to Renewing Mist / Vivify and allows emergency healing with Enveloping Mist. Mana Tea is also a strong contender at this tier for the extra sustainability it provides.

Professions (w/ Skill Level):
Herborist / Mining around 750 for both

Current Guild:

Previous Guilds (if any):

Reason for leaving current guild:
I don't have any guilds at the moment.

Previous Raiding Experience:
I have been raiding in WoW since the good old days of Molten Core with 40 people. I am an old man that remembers using his druid to heal but mainly to provide innervates for his guild. Yep, I am that old. Guess I need to grow a white beard by now :P.

I have also used Paladin as a DPS for WOTLK, then heal for WoD. I used to raid on the EU but now that I work in Singapore I decided to try a new healing class, thus monk.

Previous character armory is here:

What you expect from the guild:
I am looking for a mature and friendly community I can play with, share progress and have fun with. I am not looking for a guild that is only interested in beating raids for the "e-peen" factor or for loot.

I am much more interested in the ambiance between guild members and fun we can share together than raising an ilvl number of a character sheet.

PS: to be clear, just to let you guys know I will not be available next Saturday, September the 30th due to a conflicting appointment in the morning. This is a one time event though. Sorry but real life > game in that case ;)

Names of current guild members you know, if any:

Are you comfortable with rotation?:

State the number of raids you would expect to come to per week.:



Net Connection Speed/Type:
Fiber. It's good enough with 20mb/s.


Joined: 24 Sep 2016

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re: DECLINED - App: Yuequin - by Easytail


Hey guys, thanks for having me in your raid last Friday.


Not sure what the follow-up process was supposed to be, didn't receive feedback performance or next steps after the raid. I probably missed it. Anyway, no worries. You guys have a really great guild, I had fun even if I have a hard time understanding your accents :P

Gave the prospect of joining some serious thought this week and decided to withdraw my application. Nothing to do with you guys, as I said you are motivated and ambiance looks good. When I play WoW I usually have relatively quick burn-outs, I join for a few months, enjoy the new content then get bored. I think it wouldn't be fair to you guys if I joined without being fully 100% committed - as much as I have fun in PvE right now I am already starting to feel stretched by the content.


Anyway, best of luck with the future content, hope you do well and my sincere apologies if I wasted your time, it really wasn't my intention.

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