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Welcome to Utopia of Aman'thul (US-PvE). We are a Singaporean Alliance guild, currently recruiting for Legion and Battle for Azeroth.

We raid on weekends Saturdays and Sundays 0800 to 1100 GMT+8.

We welcome exceptional players to join us!

MOTD for Members

Use the launch code from the "Guild Info" tab in the game client to join the guild without any fuss. Ping either Faeline or Sanmeow to fix your forum access if there are issues.

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by faeline^^, 188 days ago


The full sized image...


Many thanks to all the people who have been part of our kills, since Emerald Nightmare! Let's look forward to BFA!!

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Uh, way overdue update?

by faeline^^, 200 days ago

Sorry! Between new job / progression / sleeping / eating / etc, I haven't had much time to update the website. So here's a wayyyyy overdue update!

First up, Imonar and his shitty bridge. Seriously, fuck that bridge.

Next, is Kin'garoth and his big purple balls.

Varimathras and Tabbsy the social escort.

The surprisingly easy Coven of Shivarra.

And lastly, Aggramar and the school of hard knock(backs).

Looking back at this journey, this is really amazing guys! We've made it really far for a 6 hour guild! Let's try our best and get CE this expac!

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Lazy Admin strikes again!

by faeline^^, 362 days ago

Sorry, sorry, I know the kill pictures are late! But Christmas/New Year is a busy period for everyone soo...

First up, last news from 2017 is that we defeated Fel Pods!

Next up, free loot Titan! Sorry Tabbsy we only got half a kitty in this picture. Blame Sanmeow!

And lastly, the last of the easy bosses in Antorus... Portal Keeper!

Good job all! :D

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