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Welcome to Utopia of Aman'thul (US-PvE). We are a Singaporean Alliance guild, currently recruiting for Legion.

We raid on weekends Saturdays and Sundays 0800 to 1100 GMT+8.

We welcome exceptional players to join us!

MOTD for Members

Use the launch code from the "Guild Info" tab in the game client to join the guild without any fuss. Ping either Faeline or Sanmaz to fix your forum access if there are issues.

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Last Kill from NH!

by faeline^^, 29 days ago

Good job everyone! On the last raid week of NH we got Elisande down! Although it's a bit sad that we couldn't get Cutting Edge, we still made it far! Let's continue to work hard for ToS!

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As we hit 7.2.5... I realised I forgot to update the news...

by faeline^^, 38 days ago

Old news anyway, and I'm late! Sorry!

First up, Botanist was down in April...

And a second wall was breached in May! Star Augur Etraeus down!

Good job everyone! Even though 7.2.5 hits before we get to Mythic Guldan, we should still be proud of our progress! Let's hope for better loot and legendaries in Tomb of Sargeras!

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Spellblade Aluriel and Tichondrius down!

by faeline^^, 89 days ago

We're moving ahead in the progression! Choo-choo!

First up, Spellblade Aluriel:

And then... REPLICATE! We have Tichondrius down!

Good job everyone! Let's get Botanist down and then it'll be time for Star Augur Etraeus!

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